Thursday, August 25, 2016

Prophecy and vision

With everything that is suddenly changing in our world today, one can only imagine what is to come. As I am writing this vision, I want you to understand that it is indeed, very perplex and awkward, and this has caused much delay in delivery than it should.
I received this vision earlier this year in January, and since then I have noticed more reasons than less for the possibility of it.
I am not one to follow politics or current events, and the fact that I do not have a television at home makes it difficult to know what’s really going on in the world. So I usually find out by stumbling on a Facebook post or a friend.
With the elections coming to our forefront in the next few months, we can bet that some changes will soon be hitting this very country. Yes, America.

It was about 6pm, I looked out the huge bay windows in our living room and there it was, the moon and another moon like object appeared next to it. Then a spaceship or some sort of spacecraft appeared next to them. Immediately the people in the house, which was my husband and I along with another couple knew something was coming and we had to go into hiding. We went to the back of the house to find a hiding place and sure enough the closet in our bedroom had a hidden room behind it that we knew nothing about previously. As I went across the hall to tell the other couple to come with us instead of where they had sought to hide, I took a quick glance into the living room and there they were some men in military clothing in our kitchen-eating and joking around- these men were foreign Russian soldiers. Why Russian? I don’t know and I don’t speak Russian, but in the dream I knew they were Russians. The next day I went outside and the entire neighborhood had been flipped upside down, the streets were in complete desolation and chaos. There was homeless and hopelessness in the eyes of the people sitting in the streets. A lady came up to me asking me if I would be in my home that night and I told her I was leaving with my family to stay somewhere else, as she insisted on telling the soldiers that I had an empty bed, I abruptly asked her to keep her mouth shut.
In another part of the dream, I was walking down a hallway or a street, there were some soldiers matching along, they were mostly foreign soldiers but I did notice an African American soldier with them and he appeared a bit timid. As I continued walking, one of the soldiers began harassing a young lady as she walked into a locker room.
Later that evening, we had a curfew and everyone had to be home by a certain time. An Asian man ran over to me asking for my help to hide his family. I told him I would help, but he would need to bring his family to my place before 6pm (curfew time), I was extremely adamant about it.
I woke up right after that conversation with the Asian man.

What is the significance of this dream? Honestly, I believe God was trying to share something about the coming times. And perhaps a need for people to shift perspective towards God. We are in a time that being a Christian should be focused on building a relationship with God and understanding what true salvation is about. In the times that we are heading towards, and I don’t know exactly when, but the only way we are going to be saved is through Christ. We might ignore all the signs now to later wait until it’s too late.

Begin today to accept Christ into your life as your Lord and personal Savior. Believe it in your heart and seek forgiveness and true repentance.

God bless.

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