Sunday, February 12, 2017

February Monthly Study- The Book of Titus

Hello ladies, our monthly Bible study begins tomorrow! Yippee! We are moving right along, and what better way to be accountable on Bible study than to join a group of other women around the world that are also doing this study. So before we begin, here are some available resources as promised. I've created this study guide as a book for anyone to purchase from Amazon but I've also made it available to download for free by joining my blog and clicking on the Bible study tab or joining the group at, I will automatically email a new pdf study each month via your email.

This will be a short but in-depth study from February 13-28, 2017. 

As believers, we’ve been called to live a godly life. We’ve been called to be set apart, consecrated, sacred and sanctified. Paul wrote this letter between his first and second imprisonment in Rome to guide Titus in working with churches on the island of Crete. Paul had left Titus in Crete to oversee and organize the churches, because the island needed a strong leadership. Titus was a Greek believer. He was taught and mentored by Paul. Paul loved Titus like his own son, and wanted to see Titus succeed in his ministry. Paul developed Titus by giving him specific instructions in the form of discipleship. Paul gave Titus the requirements and instructions to discern and appoint elders in the churches. Titus was instructed to promote righteous living in the churches and to do what is right in the communities.
  1. Character
  2. Discipline
  3. False Teaching
  4. Family Values
  5. Wholesome Teaching
  6. Roles and Responsibility
  7. Righteousness
  8. Encouragement and Correction
  9. Submit to Authority and Government
  10. Gentleness and Humility
  11. Avoid Quarrels and Arguments
  12. God’s Mercy and Grace
  13. Paul’s Salutation and Remarks

As believers, we are to be grounded on the word of God. Our lives should exemplify the teachings as stated in the Bible. Paul warns Titus about false teachers and ministries that speak lies and are only doing it for the love of money. Paul instructs the older men, the women, and even the younger generation to live wisely.

Scriptures given are in KJV format, so please cross reference with a Bible you can understand.

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May the Lord be with you all and I pray that this study will be edifying to you as it was to me upon studying and writing this guide. 

Be blessed 


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