Wednesday, October 5, 2016

End of Matthew Study

Congratulations! and woo-hoo! to those to completed the study with us this time for the book of Matthew. If you've just found the blog or our ministry, don't be discouraged as we will have a new study each month that you may gladly join. We finished the Matthew study at the end of September, and as you all might already know, I've finished working on the study guide for this month's study on James. We begin the study for James on Oct 18th, 2016. You may join us at for more information and to purchase resources go over to

The book of Matthew is one of my favorite book in the bible, and we get to learn about Jesus like never before. Matthew records the life of Jesus from the genealogy, His birth, His ministry to His death and His amazing resurrection. We were amazed as we went through each chapter and with scripture prophecies to back it all. Matthew ultimately did a brilliant job proving that Jesus was the Messiah despite the doubts of the religious leaders.

Over the next few weeks before we begin James, I will post summary videos of the study and what I pulled from each chapter. I will greatly like to hear your views. You may share them below or reach me at

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